Having a hardwood floor for your home will make your home classier and more stylish. However, no matter what wood floor variety you choose, if your hardwood floor is not properly finished then you just wasted all your time, money and effort. Here are some things to consider when choosing the finish for you hardwood floors.

Pre-finished floors. You can purchase a wood floor NJ that is already pre-finished. This means that the wooden floor boards received multiple layers of finish while they are still in the factory and are ready for installation. An advantage of using this type of floor is that you can have a quicker installation time without having the smell of finishing at your home. The only problem with this type of finish is that you will not get a consistent seal across the entire floor. If your want to get pre-finished hardwood floor in New Jersey, you can find them at Bayside Painting and Flooring.

Home-site finished floors. The other alternative for finishing hardwood floors is to purchase non-finished wood floors, install them, and then apply the finishing after they have been installed. The installed hardwood floors are sanded and then finished after they have been installed. The advantage of doing a home-site finishing is that all the floor boards will have a consistent seal which will prevent moisture and dirt from passing through the floors seams.

Finishing duration. The amount of time that your hardwood finishing will last will depend on a lot of factors. The most important of these factors are the amount of foot traffic on your floor. Another factor is how frequent you do maintenance on your floor. Some hardwood finishes will only require little effort to maintain their shine while others need to be waxed or buffed more than once every year. Bayside Painting and Flooring is a supplier and installer of wood floor NJ that can help you understand the maintenance requirements of your home’s wooden floors.

Matching floor finish with your home. In building a home, the floors are the ones that are installed last. The reason for this is to prevent the floors from getting damaged during the construction process. Another reason is for the finishing of the floor to match the interior design of the home. Hardwood floor finishes can be alcohol-based, water-based, and oil or wax based. You could ask your dealer for wood floor NJ on what type of finish will best complement your home.

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