A jaw-dropping finely-crafted hardwood staircase cascading into one’s foyer is a sight to behold. Oftentimes, staircases are major attractions in every interior space from hotels, restaurant, luxury stores or wide-spaced houses. Wooden staircase is a classic aesthetic addition that entails superior craftsmanship and creativity. It is another enduring statement that serves as focal point to every entry of any interior space. From Shaker style to Victorian era to combination of geometric shapes, Bayside Painting and Flooring can create it for you. Offering dramatic accent, a hardwood stairs of your desired design is a masterpiece waiting to be fully realized.

Quality Workmanship

Bayside Painting and Flooring has been constructing and installing custom wood stairs and railings for almost three decades. Our proven craftsmanship has been tested and sharpened throughout the years of working with stairs of various sizes and intricacy. We only guarantee to every client unsurpassed quality while we give them their desired stair system.

Customized Stairs

It your personal taste that matters the most for us. With this in mind, the design process and project expectations could be akin to art than conventional construction project. The possibilities are limitless. The stairs project could be arranged and established on a case-to-case basis. Please enquire for a free estimate.

Timely and Efficient

If your stair project is a part of a bigger construction or renovation, we will coordinate our job with the overall schedule, ensuring that the result would be completed on a timely manner at the highest quality as promised. No matter how big or small your stair project is, we would perform our work as quickly yet efficiently as possible, never compromising the quality at stake.

Free Consultation

Rest assured that a no-obligation consultation is the beginning of every stair project with us. We will visit your place, observe at the area where you want the stairs to be installed, discuss about what you envision and expect, and get a grasp of your desired style.

Free Estimate

From the in-house consultation we conducted, we would come up with particular stair and rail designs, stairs layouts and details that match your sense of style. Then, we would recommend architectural stair design for your interior space, presented through hand drawings and computer work or through a detailed 3D conceptual model.

Premium Materials

Combining innovative modern technology and high quality lumbers, we produce first-class breathtaking stairs made from our tested craftsmanship.