Hardwood floor has been a traditional alternative for centuries for homeowners as well as business owners. With its unrivalled beauty, warmth and elegance that could last for generations, hardwood floor NJ is truly a worthy investment to make. However, heavy foot traffics, inevitable scratches, gouges and dents can dull out the beauty that your hardwood floor used to have. Thanks to the ability of hardwood floor NJ to be re-sanded and refinished, all the signs of banes on its surface can be just part of the past! For hardwood floors that have been in service for decades, Bayside Painting and Flooring is the perfect solution to keep every owner’s worries at bay. Bring back the glory of your hardwood floor! Experience how a team of wood flooring experts create a masterpiece out of a worn out and old flooring.

Relive the natural beauty of your hardwood flooring NJ

Our licensed and trained wood flooring professionals employ state-of-the-art equipment to effectively and efficiently sand down to the surface of the hardwood. It takes years of relative experience to master the craft of sanding and refinishing. With almost three decades of being in the industry, Bayside Painting and Flooring has served hundreds of houses and commercial spaces, showcasing the result of combined dedication and mastery of the art.

Following the federal and state stringent policies and striving to exceed the industry standard, our company continuously innovate and upgrade our techniques as well as equipment to better serve our clients.

What makes our work stand out from the rest? We offer 99% dustless hardwood refinishing. No more worries for allergic reactions as a result of dust hanging around in the entire surface and room.

  • Proven Safe for Humans and Pets
  • 99% Dustless
  • Low Odor

Say hello to your hardwood floor that looks like just brand new! With Bayside Painting and Flooring, your historic hardwood floor can say goodbye to its traces of the past!

Step-by-Step Quality Refinish

Our systematic approach in re-sanding and refinishing hardwood floors NJ is broken down to steps that we adhere to. We conduct the following steps in sanding our wood flooring projects such as: open coat, preparation of test patch, cut sanding, vacuuming, filling out cracks and gaps, slick sanding, scraping corners, screen buffering, hand screening and cleaning up the whole area. Afterwards, we apply stain to the newly sanded wood floor multiple times according to your desired shade.

Our commitment to bring out perfection to every flooring project guarantees client satisfaction at all times. Rest assured that you will enjoy the new look of your hardwood floor as if it is newly installed.

If you’re ready to unleash the beauty of your hardwood floor NJ that has been naturally dulled out, contact us at 908-216-1021. Receive a free estimate today!