The aesthetic beauty of hardwood floors can go beyond its usual appearance through the artistic inclusion of borders, insets or inlays. Dress up your hardwood floor with unique style and add a bit of your own personality with the help of our hardwood floor experts who can give you tons of creative ideas and stir up the creativity in you. Wow people not just with the interior elements in your home or commercial space, but also with the unparalleled design engraved right at where they lay their feet. Imagine the grandeur the borders and inlays could add in your interior space!

In Bayside Painting and Flooring, we specialized in customized design just as how you envisioned it to be. Transform a mundane home interior into an enduring statement that depicts your own style! Over the years of being in the industry, we have accumulated visual resources to serve as an inspiration for our clients or to be duplicated if they wish to.

Our hardwood flooring experts or artisans artistically creates breathtaking designs and borders on existing hardwood floors. Borders are fashioned by installing finely-crafted hardwood veneers around rooms, foyers, fireplaces, kitchens or anywhere you could ever imagine. Imagination is limitless in creating stunning borders that could be of various geometric shapes or specific images.

Another renowned application of hardwood inlay design is the medallion. It is undeniably astounding that is often ideal for landings, foyers and main area of any interior space. Medallions are synonymous to magnificence. These circular hardwood inlay designs garner appreciation to almost every spectator. Any geometric designs, animal designs, or specific pictures can be inlaid into your hardwood floor NJ.

Without a doubt, inlays and borders are investments that could cost quite a fortune. However, using the technological advancements such as computers and laser cutting machine have transformed what used to be exclusive for wealthy men into realistic option for homeowners and businessmen who value exquisite designs inlaid right at their own flooring by treating them as investments than costly expenses.

In Bayside Painting and Flooring, we are passionate in making your dreams come true. We provide excellent customer service and impressive work of art. Schedule for an estimate. Call us now at 908-216-1021 and together we’ll make things happen for you. We provide reasonable quotation while giving you exclusive craftsmanship that goes beyond your standard. Let us offer you a highly customized inlay or border to satisfy your creative personality. Create an enduring statement on your hardwood floor that is truly eye-catchy.