A seamless exterior painting to compliment the house or commercial building structure is a sight to behold. With the right quality of paint, tools and equipment and of course excellent workmanship, perfection can be achieved. As the last step in any building construction, exterior painting plays a significant role in creating a dramatic and stunning aesthetic that truly stands out from the rest. The key to achieving desired result is to hire a reliable painting contractor that won’t give any reason to disappoint you rather give in to every need and demands you have in mind.

It takes years of relative experience to perfect the craft of exterior painting, considering the vastness of surface to fill in and the complexity of work involved. Bayside Painting and Flooring has been in the industry for almost 30 years, performing painting project that ranges in multiple sizes and intricacy from residential to commercial painting.

Project Management

Right from the start, we employ systematic approach in all of our painting projects no matter how big or small they are. We treat all our projects equally at superior levels and with the same priority. We provide our clients with free estimate of their exterior painting needs to give them an idea of what to expect. Once the client agrees, we will look closely to every detail in the project and provide a written quotation. Preparation of the surface such as filling cracks, smoothening bumps and pinning down popping nail heads is a must to ensure favorable result. A thorough and professional exterior painting is guaranteed from start to finish. Ensuring the area is spotless at the end of each day and the tools and equipment are stored properly is our responsibility to be fulfilled. Rest assured that as we do a walk through inspection when the exterior painting project is already completed, you only have praises to say and demands already fulfilled.

Excellent Workmanship

Over the years, our licensed and trained exterior painting contractors has gained ample knowledge and has enhanced their skills, promising excellent painting performance from onset to completion.

Efficient and Timely

Our painters NJ are always on time, arriving at the service area ahead of time and starts working right away. We perform exterior painting efficiently with quick turnaround time, causing minimal intervention for clients.

Excellent Customer Service

Since we ensure our clients are at the center of the project, we uphold our commitment in working closely with them. Our team is courteous, energetic and highly professional even in demanding situations. In Bayside Painting and Flooring, our clients are all equally treated as priority.

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