From top to bottom that is how a seamless painting should be. A stunning interior won’t be completed without the ceiling being painted. In Bayside Painting and Flooring, we specialized in cathedral ceilings painting, meticulously filling out an empty colored ceiling with our superior paints from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

As experienced cathedral ceilings painters, Bayside Painting and Flooring knows the significance of proper and thorough preparation in order to come up with the best result. Moving furniture and furnishings out of the room to be painted keeps the task easier to fulfil since there won’t be obstructions on the way. For those things left in the room including walls that aren’t to be painted would be carefully covered. Working with various ceilings paintings throughout the years ranging from sizes to complexity, our company guarantees coating cathedral ceilings with the perfect color to compliment interior design.

Bayside Painting and Flooring has the right tools and equipment for all kinds of height painting such as state-of-the-art ladders that can be folded in various ways and scaffoldings. Trained and equipped with ample knowledge, our painting contractors can perform any ceiling painting without a glitch.

Make a dramatic impact in your home or commercial area by having your cathedral ceiling meticulously painted by our team. You can have a contrasting color to create your desired ambience or a complimenting hue to jive with your interior elements. Your personal style would be reflected in whatever cathedral ceiling painting we agreed upon. You can achieve an increase in sophistication with classic style just as how you envisioned it to be or create a cozy and warmth atmosphere that is truly inviting.

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