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Whether house construction or remodelling is getting down to your nerves, we got the perfect solution to keep your worries at bay. From exterior to interior painting, from walls to wood flooring, from repairs to installations, from ceiling painting to stain matching and from stairs to borders and inlays, Bayside Painting and Flooring is synonymous to excellent extensive services in New Jersey.

With almost three decades of being in the industry, Bayside Painting and Flooring is a full-service painting and flooring company that makes every dream house be realized without a glitch and every industrial or commercial building looking professional and immaculate.

Our company is fully insured and employs only painting contractors who have above par track records. We continuously innovate and train in order to utilize state-of-the-art tools and equipment that are essential in better execution of our offered services. Adhering to the federal and state strict policies while striving to surpass industry standards is how we live our commitment to giving excellent service to our clients who trust us. We take pride in using only the finest brands renowned for superior quality such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

We are dedicated on serving everyone who needs our services no matter how small a project would be. We believe that no job is too small for us to handle. Never hesitate to call us for help. We know how precious one’s home is. So, we treat every home like our own and give a warm touch for every industrial or commercial area we work into. Our responsibility doesn’t just end after we finish our painting or flooring project. We make sure that you are satisfied or if possible, delighted with the result we made. So, a walk through inspection is vital in ensuring every party knows which expectations are met. Our clients are in the center of every project we deal with. So, feel free to work closely with us because we are all ears on whatever needs and demands you have.

Let only the best minds and hands in New Jersey handle your home or commercial building project. Experience how professionals make a difference in adding aesthetic value and comfort in every space just as what every client wants.

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